The AGELESS OIL brand is a result of my over 20-years’ experience in professional skincare. I created it for mature women who have special needs and expect more from cosmetics and skincare.

The number of skin lipids decreases with age. This leads to dehydration and intensifies skin’s senility to oxidative stress, which causes inflammation processes. If we want the skin to regain comfort, hydration and younger look, we should deliver it the proper amount of precious lipids and antioxidants.
Keeping that in mind, I created my „dream oil”, which shortly become a must-have skincare product not only for me but also for my beauty salon female and male clients. Not only my peers – mature women – appreciated this oil but also my younger clients and men who suffered from dry skin.
The brand was created out of my own skin needs but also thanks to my 27-years of experience in the beauty industry and inspiration I get from my clients who appreciated the quality of AGELESS products and effects they noticed after using them.

I’m enormously grateful for the opportunity to pursue myself in this new field of creating, developing and producing my own cosmetics.

The AGELESS creator Anna Grela