The brand creator

I have a feeling that my age is my ally. I use my personal experiences related to health and skincare in my professional work. Things I recommend to my clients are not a coincidence or a temporary trend. It’s a result of my research, knowledge and experiences that give me strength, vitality and energy for living a good life.

In 1994, I graduated from the Cosmetic College and started my professional career in the beauty industry. I took part in many courses and trainings to develop my competences and workshop. In 2004 I graduated from Postgraduate Studies in Cosmetology organized by the University of Technology in Łódź and the Medical University of Łódź. This experience allowed me to feel confident in navigating the beauty industry market and to make independent choices, supported by knowledge, not by the manufacturers’ marketing declarations.
From the year 2014 I’m the importer of a few natural cosmetic brands. I was a pioneer on this market, and I was the first to bring to Poland the most prestigious, international brands like Tata Harper, RMS Beauty, Allies of Skin, Susanne Kaufmann, Nuori, Less and many more. The possibility and privilege of cooperating with very conscious producers, who work according to clean beauty philosophy, was a starting point for introducing holistic care methods.
For me, creating AGELESS is a natural result of my approach to skincare. I’m convinced that we should take care of its condition and health in the most natural way possible. Let’s do it through supporting our skin’s moisture level and reducing oxidative stress. This is the absolute basis for skin to work well and look good. We have just one skin for our whole life, so our skincare routine should support it, not weaken it.