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We have only one skin and it’s for whole life. In order to keep it in good condition, you need to

take care of it, addressing its needs that change with age. It is worth doing it carefully and


My name is Anna Grela, I’m a cosmetologist, natural skincare and manual therapies expert. For

almost three decades, I have been taking care of the good appearance and well-being of people who

entrust me with the care of their skin. In my work, I focus on a complementary approach to beauty,

because there is no beauty outside without harmony inside. Our body has an amazing potential that

we should support and use. And a healthy body results in a naturally beautiful and glowing


I am a promoter of minimalist skincare in the spirit of clean beauty. I believe that the skin does

not need dozens of cosmetics – just a few well-chosen products, plus massage, a healthy diet, good

sleep and – if necessary – support via supplementation.

My approach to skincare – in a beauty salon and at home, does not follow trends. It is a consequence

of 29 years of experience in professional work with the skin:

I am a graduate of the Cosmetic College (1994) and the Postgraduate Studies in Cosmetology

organized by the University of Technology in Łódź and the Medical University of Łódź. (2004),

I have completed a series of Traditional Chinese Medicine training courses: Women's Health; Chinese

face and neck massage; Basics of Acupuncture; Cosmetology in Chinese Medicine; Cosmetic

Acupuncture; Face Reflexology,

I have been the owner of the boutique beauty salon Warsztat Piękna in Warsaw for 23 years,

for 14 years I have been running a shop and blog

I introduced global clean beauty brands to the Polish market, e.g. Tata Harper, RMS Beauty, Allies of

Skin, Susanne Kaufmann, Nuori, Less, Holifrog, Baiobay,

I was awarded the title of "LNE Holistic Beauty Icon" (2021),

I conduct trainings for companies and individuals, give lectures at cosmetic congresses and schools

I am an expert in the media (e.g. Elle, Sens, Zwierciadło, Vogue, Onet Woman, Your Style).

Causes of most skin problems

Working with clients whose skin I have been often observing for many years, I noticed that today the

condition of the skin – its appearance and the rate of aging processes, are mainly influenced by:

1. Oxidative stress, i.e. environmental pollution, the number of hours spent in front of the computer,

sleep deprivation and unhealthy lifestyle,

2. Excessive use of cosmetics, most often poorly selected, too strong or simply – not responding to

the needs of the skin.

As a result, excessive dryness of the skin, dehydration and inflammation appear, which leads to

accelerated aging. Rejuvenation should therefore focus on stimulating the skin to renew and

supporting it in regeneration.


Discover the power of Ageless Oil

With age, I noticed that the existing solutions are not enough for me, and my own skin needs

more support. In mature skin, the amount of lipids decreases, which causes dehydration and greater

sensitivity to oxidative stress. In order for the skin to regain its comfort, hydration and youthful

appearance, it must be provided with the right ingredients – lipids and antioxidants.

Keeping that in mind, I created my „dream oil”, which was also tested by my clients. Soon it

became a must-have product not only for me, but also for people coming to my beauty salon for

treatments. It was appreciated by my peers, but also younger people with dry skin – both women and


This is how the Ageless Oil brand was created 2 years ago, which is the quintessence of my

approach to skincare. Oils comprehensively support the skin – restore its proper level of hydration and

eliminate oxidative stress. After almost 30 years of working in the beauty industry, I am convinced that

daily skincare should strengthen and regenerate the skin, not weaken it and overstimulate it. This

approach brings visible results.

Oils in skincare – why they are worth trying?

There are many myths about the use of natural, raw oils. My experience in professional skin care

shows, however, that nothing regenerates dehydrated and dry skin so well. Regardless of the causes

of dehydration, skin type, age or season, raw oils restore skin health and radiance naturally:

– when applied to wet skin, they imitate natural sebum, and the skin perceives it as its natural


– they seal the hydrolipid barrier, preventing excessive water loss, improving skin hydration and


– oils are rich in lipids and antioxidants that improve the condition of dehydrated, tired and weakened

skin – restore its healthy appearance and glow,

– they are perfect for hypersensitive, allergic, atopic skin and after radiotherapy, because they support

the mechanisms of self-regeneration,

– oils are a great support for professional cosmetic treatments – they allow achieving better and more

lasting effects.

Do you work professionally with the skin, perform massages or other beauty treatments? Or maybe

you want to take care of your skin in a natural way?

Discover the power of Ageless Oil!